15th Annual OEAA Winners Announced

The Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards (OEAAs) is pleased to announce its 15th annual award winners. Thank you for joining us for our first ever virtual awards show and in celebrating local Omaha visual artists, performing artists, and musicians who have worked to sustain local creative communities throughout the past pandemic year.

Lifetime Achievement: Joanne Cady
Lifetime Achievement: John Beasley
Cultural Stewardship: Marcey Yates, Culxr House
Cultural Stewardship: The Union for Contemporary Art


Outstanding Live Music Sound Engineer: Dan Brennan
Outstanding Recording Studio: ARC Studios
Outstanding New Artist: Funkmammoth
Artist of the Year: Dereck Higgins
Album of the Year: Satchel Grande, “Benson Burner”
Outstanding Cover Band: Secret Weapon
Outstanding World Music: Edem Soul Music
Outstanding Punk: R.A.F.
Outstanding Progressive Rock/Experimental/EDM: Plack Blague
Outstanding Pop: Jocelyn
Outstanding Jazz: Mitch Towne
Outstanding Blues: Hector Anchondo
Outstanding Hip-Hop/Rap: J. Crum
Outstanding Soul: Mesonjixx
Outstanding R&B: Andrew Bailie
Outstanding Country: Clarence Tilton
Outstanding Americana/Folk: The Pink Flamingos
Outstanding DJ: Jazz Nite (Kethro and Werdisbond)
Outstanding Metal: Silence is Madness
Outstanding Alternative/Indie: Mr. E & the Stringless Kite
Outstanding Hard Rock: Through The Stone
Outstanding Rock: Names Without Numbers

Performing Arts

Outstanding Musical Director: Jim Boggess, “Once,” Omaha Community Playhouse
Outstanding Choreographer: Nik Whitcomb and Sue Booton, “Ella Enchanted,” The Rose Theater
Outstanding Sound Designer: Bill Kirby, “Red Summer,” BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Costume Designer: Kendra Newby, “Red Summer,” BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Scenic Designer: Rober:t Donlan, “A Very Die Hard Christmas,” BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Prop Designer: Amy Reiner, “A Very Die Hard Christmas,” BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Lighting Designer: Chris Wood, “The Rocky Horror Show,” Omaha Community Playhouse
Outstanding Comedy Ensemble: Pandemic! @ The Disco
Outstanding Comedian: Carlos Tibbs
Outstanding Performance Poet: Felicia Webster
Outstanding Dance Production: “Making Space,” tbd. Dance Collective
Outstanding Musical: “Ella Enchanted,” The Rose Theater
Outstanding Original Script: “Red Summer,” Beaufield Berry, BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Play (Comedy): “A Very Die Hard Christmas,” BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Play (Drama): Red Summer, BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Performance by a Youth Actor: Stella Clark-Kaczmarek as Annie, “Annie,” Omaha Community Playhouse
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Musical): Erika Hall-Seiff as Magenta, “The Rocky Horror Show,” Omaha Community Playhouse
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Play): Hughston Walkinshaw as Hans Gruber, “A Very Die Hard Christmas,” BLUEBARN Theatre
Outstanding Actor (Musical): Melissa King as Girl, “Once,” Omaha Community Playhouse
Outstanding Actor (Play): Kathy Tyree as Cynthia, “Sweat,” Omaha Community Playhouse
Outstanding Director (Musical): Matt Guttschick, “Elf: The Musical,” The Rose Theater
Outstanding Director (Play): Susan Clement-Toberer, “Red Summer,” BLUEBARN Theatre

Visual Arts

Outstanding Visual Artist: Barber
Outstanding Emerging Visual Artist: Ang Bennett
Outstanding 2-D Artist: Shawnequa Linder
Outstanding 3-D Artist: Lauren Scheele
Outstanding New Media Artist: Reagan D Pufall
Outstanding Group Show: “The Voice of our Roots / La Voz de Nuestras Raíces,” Arte LatinX (Belinda Acosta, Gary Brunzo, Daniel Castaneda, Linda Garcia, Hose Hernandez, Katherine Hernandez-Mayorga, Guadalupe Lopez, Lucia Marquez, Slovenka Murray, Stephanie Niverson, Hugo Zamorano, Aaron Olivo, Ilaamen Pelshaw, Daffnie Realpe, Ricardo Trejo, Karmen Valadez, and Bart Vargas) @ El Museo Latino
Outstanding Solo Show: “You make my heart smile but you also make my eyes cry,” Thalia Rodgers @ The Union for Contemporary Art
Outstanding Two-Person Show: “One Conversation,” Barber and Watie White @ OutrSpaces
Outstanding Public Art: Black Lives Matter poster initiative @ The Union for Contemporary Art
Outstanding Non-Traditional Presentation: “Unapologetic Me: A Celebration of Black, Queer Art,” Andrew Aleman and Ang Bennett with Katera Brown, Tiana Conyers, Jessica Freeman, Cyrus Jefferson, Eric Lawson, Alajia McKizia, Dominique Morgan, N8 Devivo @ KANEKO

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