OEAA Visual Arts Showcase

The OEAA Visual Arts Showcase is at RBR G (1806 Vinton Street) through Saturday, March 6, 2020!

Here are the names of the participating artists from the 2020 nominees:
Travis Apel
Ang Bennett
BFF Omaha
Nick Clark
Pamala Conyers-Hinson
Derek Courtney
John Dennison
Anne Dovali
Mary Ensz
Mike Girón
John-Paul Gurnett
Jaim Hackbart
Alex Jacobsen
Allegra Hangen
Gayle Rocz
Isabella Starkey Meir
Alex Jochim
Fiona Kennedy
Shawnequa Linder
Jeff Mack
Jennifer Novak Haar
Joe Pankowski
Ilaamen Pelshaw
Reagan D Pufall
Jair Rodriguez
Jeff Sedrel
Patti Talbert
Karmen Valadez
Hugo Zamorano

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